Aversion of this article was first published on Forbes — Jun 8, 2021

All cultures are cultures of excellence; what makes the difference is how you define excellence.

Culture @ Its Core

Culture is the expression of human intellectual achievement. It is the manifestation of corporate intellectual investments and the consequence of execution triumphs and defeats. It is the enabler of the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next and the facilitator of delivering value to all of your stakeholders.


British poet Matthew Arnold defined culture as the “cultivation of the humanist ideal” — nurturing excellence. At…

This article was originally published on Time: JUNE 3, 2021

The U.S. still hasn’t reached a high enough level of vaccination to achieve “herd immunity” because vaccine demand is falling. While only months ago, it was hard to get an appointment, now vaccines are widely available and people just aren’t getting them.

This is a marketing issue: the federal government is failing to penetrate the key demographics that can get us over the finish line. America needs a vaccine chief marketing officer, with a smart marketing strategy, or the pandemic will never end. …

This article was originally published on May 27, 21 on Newsweek

The European Union has chronically failed to produce any notable tech unicorns — billion-dollar startups. Its recent move to regulate (I would say criminalize) AI technology, if implemented, will setback the EU to the dark ages, and hand the future of tech to China. Instead of supporting these moves as it has, the Biden administration must embrace and support a future of growth and advancement — a future that promotes use of AI, for the sake of the economy, society and above all, national security.

The recent EU white paper on AI’s regulatory framework was designed to ensure that all use cases of AI can limit any risk, not enforce or support bias, or cause any harm to individuals.

It reads more like an anti-technology diatribe the Unabomber would be proud of. Theoretically, and on paper, the regulations sound reasonable, however practically, they offer a dangerous tradeoff between improved health care, enhanced productivity and global competitiveness, with an illusion of protection of privacy and freedom.

The regulation falls at the first hurdle by creating a broad brush “high risk” category of AI, defined as any…

A version of this article was first published on CGTN on May 8th 2021

If Biden wants to increase tax revenue, create jobs and protect the American Dream, he should abolish corporate income tax for start-ups and small businesses.

In America, mom-and-pop businesses pay the same tax rate as multinationals. Individual income tax has seven tax rates, depending on how much an individual has made. We need the same system for corporate income tax, instead of a flat rate that strangles small businesses. Small businesses are essential for our post-pandemic recovery.

For companies to pay their fair share of tax…

A version of this article was published on Forbes.com on April 16th, 20201

Like it or not, our competitive world is different. It is faster and more temporary. Most of the success recipes we have developed over the years will no longer result in sustainable wins.

All elements of business, from innovation to production, are accelerated and in a state of constant flux. Customer and employee expectations are evolving almost every day. …


Making America great again should not be about trade wars, blind nationalism, or creating short-term jobs in outdated industries

The symptom may be anger, but the disease is lack of opportunity

The Gamestop debacle this week has reminded us of Biden’s most important mission: to fix capitalism, and make it work for Main Street as well as Wall Street.

By doing this, he can connect with two opposing camps and become a president for all Americans: on one side he has the ‘social justice’ wing of the Democrats…


We must not allow ethical concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI) to distract us from the moral obligation we have to use AI to improve the lives of humanity. Rather, ethical arguments should inform the type of AI we want to see more of and the path our collective evolution should take.

AI is already saving lives — from flood prediction and cancer detection to the development of new vaccines, it is a humanitarian lifeline. …

… Enhancing Broader US Competitiveness and Re-Calibrating Role of Social Media.


Attempts by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to break up Facebook and other tech giants are misguided. Rather than treating big tech firms as an enemy to be crushed, governments should see them as allies to be worked with, leveraging the public goods they create for everyone’s benefit.

Mandates by state bodies can (while respecting private enterprise) ensure firms deliver long-term value to society — and not just short-term profits to shareholders.

In this light, a breakup of Facebook would deprive us of an indispensable tool…


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, health care services around the world were due for a digital transformation; with resources relatively scarce and diagnostics increasingly complicated, the sector needed new technology to allow doctors to provide the best possible care. The pandemic has kicked that transformation into gear. Since it began, artificial intelligence-driven diagnostics, viral spread analysis, and telemedicine have become routine. Yet the transition will need to go much further if it is to alleviate the increasing strain on health care workers and infrastructure.

The pandemic…

OPINION:THIS ARTICLE WAS FIRST PUBLISHED ON NEWSWEEK — 1/28/21 AT 5:39 PM EST > Opinion | GameStop Shows Biden Must Fix Capitalism Before It’s Too Late

The GameStop debacle this week reminded us of President Joe Biden’s most important mission: to fix capitalism and make it work for Main Street as well as Wall Street.

By doing this he can connect with two opposing camps and become a president for all Americans. On one side he has the “social justice” wing of the Democrats, and on the other the Rust Belt Donald Trump supporters. …


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